Some Month ago i started on uploading Videos on YT. Till now i got over 1.000 Videos on 20 Accounts and still counting. πŸ™‚

My current Earnings DAILY are:

– 10 – 30$ from Adsense
– 5 – 100$ from Amazon

I really got no CLUE or System to follow, just a d*** simple workaround:

– Search for Best Seller Pruducts on Amazon with ReviewVideo!
– Download the Video from Amazon and upload on YT
– Cloak your AFFI Link and put it in the description
– Research for BUYER Keywords with adwords an YT Keywordtool
– Build Backlinkgs on the Videos and get them Ranking

I am wondering that amazon has not banned me for direct linking, buit till now its still working !! πŸ™‚