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What’s inside the program?

12video modules
In each believed provoking and action oriented module, Jay covers a really particular subject associated to effectively beginning and growing your service to significant levels. Each module has actually been particularly developed to cover the most total and crucial techniques, methods and ideas needed for success. These ideas have actually been hand selected by Jay himself and considered as the greatest and most pertinent for quick tracking your service success.

Recordings of 6 live group calls with Jay

The live variation of Creating Your Own Business Success included 6 live group calls with Jay. Listen to these valuable session recordings and you will be exposed to the plethora of choices, possibilities and paths you easily have offered, consisting of: Creating a product and services that you offer online or offline part-time, purchasing a product and services business in a manner that you utilize no preliminary capital and bear really little threat, purchasing a franchise on a pure efficiency basis, how to execute Jay’s shown “power partnering” techniques to quickly accelerate your development, therefore far more.
Virtual thumb drive filled with programs valued at over $20,000
The virtual thumb drive includes an enormous service referral library of Jay’s items originated from over 30 years of Jay’s experience in business advancement field. There are over 20+ Videos, 80+ PDFs, 150 mp3s, 5 total programs which integrated deserve over $20,000
Rapid Implementation Guide (R.I.G) by Joseph Rodrigues
This video tutorial is a detailed guide of the consisted of 400+ page action oriented workbook developed to assist you produce your own service success

Video Module Breakdown

Installing & & Instilling The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

This module is developed to impart and set up in you, the business owner’s frame of mind. To take you from any place you are right now, to a various psychological design, a various paradigm. Here you are going to discover a various mindset of yourself and the large world around you. Jay will reveal you how to believe, negotiate and act service like an effective business owner.
Drivers of Performance
This module is developed to assist you acknowledge what Jay calls, “The motorists of efficiency.” These specific motorists are a few of the crucial contributing elements for your success or absence thereof. You’ll require to be totally mindful and planning on a constant and consistent basis to utilize them to move you forward. You’re leaving it up to luck/chance or elements beyond your awareness that a lot of likely will not be in your favor if you are not doing so. You’ll discover how to optimize your efficiency and output for each and every action you take directly/indirectly once again through downplaying “The motorists of efficiency.”
The Entrepreneur’s Template
In this module, Jay show you the information of templated procedures for what you require to do right now, and how you ought to be utilizing whatever you ought to be doing today to move yourself to a greater ground. This module goes much deeper and includes more context to business procedure design templates supplied in this program developed to construct and grow your service in an action by action way.

Positioning For Your Business

In this module, Jay concentrates on why and how to execute right placing in your service, service or product. Due to the fact that a lot of services have the incorrect positioning or no positioning, this is an essential module. With the incorrect placing your telegraph an absolutely incorrect message to the marketplace that you desire. Without any positioning, you are no various than any person else in the eyes of your market.

Tactics vs. Strategy

In this module, Jay discusses the distinction in between techniques and technique. The majority of people do not comprehend or can’t separate in between the 2 and as an outcome, they run episodically. Not comprehending and executing the ideal technique and techniques in all locations of your service can lead to failure.

Re-Defining Marketing

In this module, Jay talks about in terrific depth the idea that has actually taken him of 30 years of screening and executing in over 465 markets, which is the idea of marketing. Due to the fact that it can appear abstract and/or really challenging, Marketing is an ability that is really typically misconstrued and under-utilized. This module will permanently move the point of view on how you utilize ethical and appropriate marketing in a manner that will place you as the most relied on consultant to your market and everybody else you negotiate with.

The “Three Ways to Grow a Business” Model

In this module, Jay teaches you the secret to all service development no matter what service you remain in. This is among the most effective designs that Jay has actually ever built in his enormous body of work.

Upselling, Cross-Selling, Down-Selling, Packaging

In this module, Jay describes and explains in information these really crucial ideas. He enters into the how, where and why of executing them to increase your sales.

Monetizing, Maximizing, and Managing Relational Capital

Here you will discover the method, technique, approaches, systems, and ideas Jay has actually utilized to create well in excess of $2 billion dollars for his customers and himself with no threat and no capital.

Consultative/Advisory Selling

In this module, Jay covers a universal idea, one that applies in all markets. Consultative/Advisory selling is a specific kind of sales procedure that does not include aggressive approaches or manipulative methods to morally encourage your market to purchase your services and items.

Trust Building

This module might specify your success likelihood and how you market sees you, your item, group or service, and brand name more than anything else. It has to do with how to produce the connection with your market and group as the most credible, genuine, pure and qualitative representation of their benefit.

Practice Accountability

This module teaches you the value of responsibility. If you do not carry out the concerns that are required in a prompt method, if you do not follow through, if you do not handle chances or issues in an appropriate method, then you are going to restrict your success.

Review a couple of subjects you’ll hear Jay talk about

throughout the live-session recordings


  • Getting rights to licenses, systems, and procedures you can either offer, joint endeavor, revenue-share or train other individuals to do.
  • Helping existing services grow their revenue and therefore their possession worth, so they can be cost a much greater rate with you sharing continually in the increased revenue while the existing owner manages it, and you getting a share of the market price when it is offered.
  • Becoming a marketing freelancer for other business.
  • Becoming a dealmaker who engineers joint endeavors, tactical alliances, collaborations of all kinds, and shares continually in the capital resulting.
  • Taking other individuals’s items from offline and offering them online, or establishing for those offline services an online department that you own half of.
  • Using your natural skill capability, ability or greatest possession to produce a profitable part-time capital.
  • Developing a method to produce a mini-empire that can be based upon managing various services in absolutely various sectors and markets, one group of services that support and match each other in one market.
  • Becoming a possession maximizer for other business, where you discover neglected possessions, concealed chances, underperforming activities, underutilized relationships or resources or circulation channels, and you determine how to make them generate income from larger, much better, longer, and share in the income.
  • Creating mastermind groups, putting individuals together from various markets you would satisfy frequently, and individuals pay you a charge to help with the cooperation, idea-sharing, and engineering of advancements.

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