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Step-By-Step Blueprint Teaches You How To:

Create, Launch And Profit From Your Own Digital Products – It’s Easier Than You Think…

Hi, Clarke Hanna here,
from the 2 Week Product Launch…

If you’ve ever wanted to create, launch and make money from your own product…

…but don’t know where to start…

…keep reading this message.

Because in 2014 it’s now easier than ever before to create your own product and get it into the hands of people who want it…

…people who are willing… wait, no…

…desperate to pay you for it!

So There’s Never Been A Better Time Than Right Now To Get A Piece Of This Action

  • Even if you’ve never sold a product online before…
  • Even if you think you don’t have the resources or know-how to create an info-product (you do!)
  • Even if you’ve never even created ANYTHING before…

…you can do it.

Here’s why:

There’s a lot of money to be made online from selling your own info-products. People buy them because they want information fast… and waiting for a book to come through the snail-mail isn’t good enough.

Online info-products give people what they want, fast.

I’m sure you’ve seen the figures around on ClickBank, eBay, JVZoo and elsewhere…

And you’ve probably thought:


“I could do that!

I could make five, even six figures a year from selling info-products online…

I could finally get some freedom in my life without working myself into the ground…”

But then you think:

But how do I do this?
I’ve never created a product before…

Who’s gonna buy a product from me – nobody knows who I am!

How do I get people to promote this for me?

How much am I supposed to

What if I don’t have the right
technical skills?

You Start Asking YourselfSo Many Questions: “What If This What If That…”
And Soon Enough Reality Hits Home…

Eventually you get so caught up struggling with these doubts and worries, you don’t know which way to turn, or how to get started…

Well listen, I’ve been there too, and it sucks.

But the good news is:

That all ends right here. Today.

So no more giving up on your dream…

Because Today You’ll Find Out Exactly How You CAN Create, Launch And Yes, PROFIT From Your Very Own Info-Products…

  • Even if you’ve never created anything before…
  • Even if you’ve never succeeded at or even tried online marketing before…
  • And even if you’re stuck in a demanding, time-sucking J.O.B. and barely have enough free time to eat dinner at night…

You can do this.

Why am I so confident?

Because I did it myself…

I was once a clueless info-product newbie with the same problems you’re facing today…

Fast-forward to today and I bank around $30,000 every launch from products online using the same formula you’re about to discover.

So Here’s How I Did It… AND How You Can Flat-Out Copy Me!

Ok, before we get into the how’s and what’s of launching your first product, here’s something you need to

Everyone has a skill, or specialist knowledge of something useful.

And that includes YOU.

Think about it: you’re unique, because you have a unique combination of ideas, experience and opinions…

…and that’s something you can turn into a successful info-product.

In fact, dozens of successful info-products.

This realization should be a real game-changer for you, because it means this:

People Want To Learn From You

Yes, YOU

Whether you believe it right now or not, it’s the truth…

You may not have met ’em yet – or maybe you’ve met some of ’em, but couldn’t get your product into their hands, which drove you here today…

But there are people out there who have problems that you can help them with.

And they’re happy to pay you for the answer to those problems.

How awesome is that?

Once You Start SellingYour ProductsYou Won’t Just Be Someone Who Exchanges Goods ForMoney…

…although you do get to keep the money! : )

But you’ll also become something more sought-after…

You’ll become a Problem Solver.

Your product will change people’s lives – even if it’s in a small way – and will become a sought-after solution to people’s problems.

So throughout your product launch journey, always remember that: your customers WANT your product to get to them.

It’s up to you to make that happen, and help them solve their problem.

I realize that may sound ambitious right now, while you’re still unsure about how to go about getting your product to them…

But it’s actually a pretty simple process once you know how

Think about this

Right Now, Thousands Of People With Little Or No Previous Experience Of Launching A Product Are Out There Doing It…

And with the internet now in more homes and even pockets than ever, it’s getting easier and easier every day to earn a steady, consistent income this way.

But the truth is…

Not all these people are having success with their product launches.


Because not everyone’s doing it right.

Some people are, some aren’t… and do you know what the difference is?

Is it skill? Experience? Level of education? Or is it just ‘who you know’?

Nope. None of those.

The difference is simply this

Some People Are Following A Proven Consistent Roadmap To Success…
And Some Aren’t.

If you’ve read this far, I’m betting you haven’t been following that roadmap.

Which is why you’ve struggled in the past…

It’s why, even if you’ve had a great idea for a product, you just couldn’t figure out how to market it… or how to make money from it.

Well, now you can finally correct where you’ve been going wrong, using a simple but awesomely effective solution.

That ‘roadmap’ I just mentioned can be your guide.

Put simply, it’s…

A Simple, Step-By-Step Blueprint To Product Launch Success…

This blueprint is what the leading marketers are using to power their launches…

…avoiding the pitfalls and problems that come with selling products online.

If you’ve struggled so far to create your product… or promote it… or even profit from it…

Get ready for all that to change.

So far, you’ve most likely been making the same mistake as the majority of other beginner marketers:

You’ve Been Forced To Make It Up As You Go Along With No Real Strategy In Place…

But that’s ok, I don’t blame you… it’s a tough thing to do.

I made the same mistake myself, and for the same reasons:

You’re short on time, money and experience – but not on passion…

So you’ve been determined to succeed… but you’ve also been moving in the wrong direction.

Like I said, that doesn’t make you “a bad marketer” or “a bad businessperson”…

It just means you didn’t have the right help.

And neither did I, not at the beginning at least…

But once I started following a launch strategy designed to take my product from idea to profit-magnet, all that changed.

And that’s when I started banking around $30,000 every single launch!

So If You’re Thinking Of Giving Up:
Because Here’s Where Things Get A Lot Easier…

You’re about to discover how to harness the power of the same product launch ‘blueprint’ the most successful marketers are using…

And you’re going to use it to create, launch and profit from your own products.

That’s right, products plural: because you can use this formula again and again…

And the cool part? It gets easier each time.

Even cooler: you can launch your product inside 2 weeks.

That’s right – you can get your product from idea to launch in just 2 weeks, just by following a step-by-step formula.

Now It’s Your Turn To Do Things The Easy Way…

Ok, so how do you find this blueprint?

Well, surprisingly for something so simple, it’s been damn hard to get hold of…

Until now.

See, there’s a lot of very smart, very wealthy people using this ‘treasure map’ to make a ton of money online…

So do you think they want to share that map with you and me?

Like hell they do!

They’ve been keeping that knowledge to themselves. These are the ‘gurus’ you read about who claim to have all the answers.

The guys whose products consistently top the online sales charts…

They want you to believe launching and selling an info-product is some kind of potent mix of ‘guru magic’ and ‘inner-circle strategies’…

But it’s really not.

It’s about getting the basics right, and scaling up.

So even though they know how to manage a launch quickly and easily, they create all this ‘smoke and mirrors’ effect around the truth…

Because They’d Rather Keep That ‘Treasure MapOut Of Your Reach!

Which is a damn shame, because there’s no good reason it has to be that way…

I mean, if everyone used that map it wouldn’t mean there was less ‘pirate booty’ to go around… far from it.

Fact is, you can use the same launch process across hundreds of different product niches without eating into each other’s profits!

But I guess some people don’t want to see the ‘little guy’ – people like you and me – succeed.

Well, I’ve had enough of being stuck on the outside looking in, and I’m betting you have too.


Time For a


Which is why I’m introducing you to…


2 week product lunch

  • This is the same formula I used to sell $140,000 of educational products over the last few years…
  • …it’s the same step-by-step blueprint I still use to launch my own info-products online today, and that gives me the life of freedom I always dreamed of…
  • …and it’s also the same ‘treasure map’ you can follow to your own launch success inside 2 weeks.

In fact, it’s a formula so simple I even taught it to my own mother – and she used it to create and sell her first info-product at 65!

That’s a little unusual, and I’m proud to be different…

You probably won’t hear any ‘product launch gurus’ talking about creating educational tools or teaching their mom how the tricks of the trade…

And that’s fine with me.

I Don’t Consider Myself A ‘GuruOf Any Kind…

I’m just a guy who figured out how to make money doing something I love…

Something that earns me a consistent, fat income and helps me live the life I always wanted, without a J.O.B. or even a B.O.S.S. in sight…

And now I want to share that with as many like-minded, ambitious people as I can…

Including you.

Because I just can’t stand to see people getting product launches so wrong when I can show them how to do it right.

Here’s all I ask:

  • 1 Be prepared to let me help you
  • 2 Follow my simple step-by-step instructions
and that’s it

Implement the 2 Week Product Launch formula, and in future, you’ll be reaping your own info-product rewards in a couple weeks’ time.

Here’s my most important discovery of the last 2 – 3 years:

Product Launches Are Easy, Fun And Profitable… IF You Do Them Right.

There’s no point over-complicating things…

Just follow the right steps and you’ll be doing your customers a huge favor: giving them the information they crave.

(They’ll thank you for it, too).

You’ll be making money… you can ditch the 9-5 and start taking vacations… your family will be happy… and you’ll be giving your customers what they desire most…

It’s a win-win!

Ok, Enough Chit-Chat…
Here’s What You Need To Know About How The 2 Week Product Launch Will Help YOU hit your goals:

You’re about to discover how you can get your first product published, ready to sell and onto the market in just 2 weeks.

And to do it, you won’t need a ton of fancy technology, years of marketing experience or even a fat chunk of cash to get started.

Nope, instead all you need is:

  • One good idea that you can turn into an info-product…
  • A computer with an internet connection…
  • And the willingness to put in a couple of weeks’ work to get your launch together.

Got an idea for an info product? Great!

Now if you want to transform that idea into cold hard cash, all you need to get started is inside The 2 Week Product Launch.

This is an exclusive new video training I’ve put together…

It’ll take you all the way from the seeds of your idea… right through product creation, development, publishing, marketing AND sales.

And to make it super-simple to follow, you can access the “product launch blueprint” I mentioned whenever you need to.

Plus, because it’s a video course combined with some key resources, you can download the whole package today, onto your computer in just seconds.

It’s Designed To Be Super-Easy To Learn And Completely Newbie-Friendly

So even if you’ve never used ClickBank before, or published so much as a blog post…

You can still follow the steps from start to finish.

My aim is to guide you through the process…

I’m a straight-talking guy, and don’t use 10 words when 3 will do – so there’s no jargon, no overly-techie stuff, and nothing to fear.

You just watch the videos, take notes, and implement what you learn…

There’s even an opportunity to get my help personally on your launch!

In a moment I’ll show you how to grab your copy…

But first:

Here’s A Look At Some Of The Cool Stuff You’ll Be Getting:

Module 1:

Introduction To The 2 Week Product Launch

In Module 1 you’ll get an introduction to the 2 Week Product Launch and an outline of what’s coming up in the rest of the course, plus why I’ve included certain crucial elements.

You’ll learn the essentials and start adopting the right mindset for a successful launch right from day one!

Module 2:

The Action Plan

In Module 2 we’ll start looking in more detail at the step by step action plan you’ll use for your product: tips on creating your product, building the right sales funnel and getting affiliates on board to promote your launch.

This is where it starts hotting-up as I teach you the how-to’s and secret methods behind the most successful online product launches!

Module 3:

Getting Started On Your Product

Module 3 is when you’ll start making decisions about what kind of product you’re going to put out there, and I’ll talk you through the most important steps you need to take.

You’ll get tips on naming your product… discover how to get free bonus material to boost its value… and create the mind map you’ll use as your own personal plan of action throughout the process.

Module 4:

Creation 101

Module 4 focuses on your info-product itself: the ideal length, what to include, how to increase perceived value (more important than ‘actual’ value, and the key to giving your customers what they really want), formatting, pricing and creating ethical scarcity.

By the end of this module you’ll know exactly what needs to be in your product to make it a hit… how to market it… how to make the most money from it using upsells and down-sells correctly…

And I’ll show you how to get the important tools you need without paying a cent until you make a sale!

Module 5:

Product Optimization

In Module 5 we’ll dig deeper into your product and marketing strategy – this is where you’ll ensure your product is as good as you can get it.

You’ll learn about important ways to set your product apart from the pack: guarantees, logos, covers, outsourcing and customer service. Plus how to get all these working for you with minimal investment!

There’s also a bonus video explaining how to get your product onto the JVZoo marketplace – watch over my shoulder as I show you exactly what to do, step by step.

Module 6:

The Super-Charged Sales Funnel

Module 6 is all about your Sales Funnel – a critical element of any marketing system.

You need to watch this module before you even think about selling anything online.

This is where you’ll start applying some high-level marketing ninja tactics to your launch – and getting the most out of your sales page, JV offers and auto-responders. If you’re not sure how to do any of this stuff, then this module is a must-have.

Plus I’ll show you the tools and plugins I use in my launches so you can start using them on your very first product – something I wish I’d known back at the beginning!

Module 7:

Autoresponder Options

In Module 7 you’ll watch over my shoulder as we set up your auto-responders – emails are a key part of any successful product launch strategy.

If you’ve never run an auto-responder series before, this demonstration will be invaluable. It’s simple once you do it right, and hugely effective at spreading the word about your product.

This is essential viewing!

Module 8:

The Power Of

Module 8 is all about Retargeting – one of the most powerful tactics in online marketing today. I’ll show you how to double or even triple your sales with this one simple tweak to your launch.

No more leaving money on the table…

Once you’ve implemented this, you’ll start converting more customers more often on every product you sell!

Module 9:

JV Source

In Module 9 we’ll focus on finding JV partners to promote your offer, and building the right relationships with the right people.

You’ll discover where to find the right affiliates and how to approach them… how to run a contest to get people falling over each other to support your launch… and how to magnetize JV partners using something as simple as Facebook.

No matter if you’ve never worked with JVs before, follow this formula and you’ll have them flocking to you!

Module 10:

Launch Day

It’s crunch time!

Here’s where I’ll share all the right tips and tricks to make sure you’re fully prepared for your product’s launch day – helping you turn all that planning into action, so you start making profits right away.

Can you imagine getting this far without expert guidance? It’s hard to picture, right?

But by the time you get to this final module you’ll have the same ‘unfair advantage’ the leading marketers have…

So you’ll be fully prepared, confident and ready to launch – just 2 weeks after starting the process.

That’s the power of the 2 Week Product Launch formula!