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Sorry to break it to you, but size does NOT always matter when it comes to making money from your list!

 “Discover My ‘Yet-To-Be-Revealed’ System

For Extracting The HIDDEN Money From The

‘Elite 1%’ Of Customers Who’ll Give You

Money Over And Over Again… Allowing You

To Sell Less And Make More And Achieve

More Success, Control, And

Freedom In Your Business Life!”

Keep Reading To Discover Why The REAL Money Is Made From Customers On Top Of The Pyramid—And How You Can Systematically Sift Through The “Low Hanging Fruit” That Have Little Or NO Value To You.

This Is The First Time I’ve EVER Revealed This System Outside Of Clients Who Gladly Pay Me $100,000 And Up For My Expertise. This Could Represent A HUGE Turnaround For You And Your Business,
So Keep Reading To Get The Scoop!

Dear Renegade Marketer,

What I’m about to present to you is not just another “make money” strategy. It’s not another system that “might” bump conversions temporarily…or “might” get people excited momentarily.

I’m about to give you some serious “Insider” strategies you can quickly begin using today to start boosting your bottom line.

This message will be the most important message you’ll EVER read if you CARE about your business future.

You see, there’s been a HUGE “change in tide” in the past 5-10 years that’s putting a LOT of people out of business…

…but can be a HUGE opportunity for you—that is, if you know what you’re doing.

These are strategies I’ve been implementing in my client’s businesses for the past several years…the same clients that pay me up to $100,000 per sales letter…and $18,800 for each daily consultation.

And 85% of them are thrilled to death to hire me again.

In other words, what I have to say to you is going to truly be “money” when it comes to your bottom line…that is if you take action and HEED what I have to tell you:

If You Aspire To Be Rich, Here Are The “Big 3 Benefits” You’ll Experience Immediately!

You’ll be able to skyrocket your lifetime customer value.Most clients who come to me have pitiful lifetime customer values since they depend on the whole “churn and burn” philosophy of marketing:

Just sell as MANY products as possible to them…a fast as possible.Send as many pitches them until they buy or cry “Uncle” and leave the reservation for good. And then find the next prospect and pound the HELL out of them until they buy.

What I have to share with you is a more sophisticated method for ensuring the RIGHT customers stay with you long-term….so they can give you money again and again…and actually BRAG about you to other people.

Believe me, this is the HOLY GRAIL of many businesses…but when you finish reading this message, you’ll soon be on the “up and up” of what’s working today.

2) You’ll be able to successfully filter which customers are going to give you money, and the people who are simply going to waste your time—giving you massive headaches, a lot of trouble, and spinning your wheels.

Later on in this letter you’re going to learn why 99% of your prospects are going to be of little or no value to you…and how you can successfully filter out the “Elite 1%” who are actually going to give you money long-term.

There’s a certain characteristic about this Elite 1% that makes them the ideal customer for you… and it’s this brand of customer my System elegantly “filters out” for you…so you can make MORE money and run a more enjoyable business.

Which leads to my next point…

3) You’ll be able to create a business that’s going to leave you rich, relaxed and happy. Think about having LESS customers that give you MORE money… and allow you to have more free time, more autonomy, and live life the way YOU want…not “someone else”.

You see, I always encourage each entrepreneur to create a “Do not do” list when it comes to how their business is going to be run.

And I encourage them to imagine what they want their life to be like 5-10 years from now…and how to structure their business so they can live the lifestyle they choose.

When you implement everything I’m going to tell you in this message, and do what it says, you’ll be able to run your business the way YOU want…and not beholden to a business that’s full of “low-hanging fruit” customers.

Yet that’s what the MAJORITY of businesses have to put up with…and, to give you a quick newsflash about how I work…the majority is ALWAYS wrong when it comes to marketing!

Now I’ll tell you more about my System of getting a smaller group of people to give you MORE money with LESS hassle in a second. But for now I am going to warn you:

Some Of You Are Going To Dismiss
What I’m Telling You And Think Of This As Merely “Entertainment”…

Listen: I know there is a small percentage out there that will simply “brush off” what I have to say in this letter—or read it as merely “entertainment”…

You’re going to think that “that Dan Kennedy guy” has some really “cute” ideas…and “interesting” thoughts….

You may even dismiss these ideas because you’re in a certain industry.

Here’s the deal: GKIC Platinum Member Dr. Tom Orent created a big wall poster for my conference room because he’s hear it so often from so many – “…But MY Business Is Different.”

Thinking this way is a huge temptation. But it is also a huge roadblock to any progress.

If you insist on paying attention only to examples, ideas and information from your specific business, you GUARANTEE that things will remain “the way things are” in your business.

You see, most businesses sequester themselves, only read their industry trade journals and the other ads in their section of the Yellow Pages.

The truth is that breakthroughs in sales, income and growth are only possible for the business owner who eagerly looks at EVERY example and idea of effective marketing that we deliver to find something he can translate and transfer.

So merely dismissing my 35 years of marketing experience would be a mistake.  Believe me, if you’re like most of my clients, you have only “scratched the surface” of what’s possible with your current or future business.

I know I’ll have a slew of Renegade Entrepreneurs who are automatically going to be “all in”…and happily take advantage of what I’ll share with you in a second.

Some have been with me for 5-10-20 years and listen to what I have to say like gospel. Why? Because they always get immediate value. They “get it”.

And this case will not be any different.

Ok enough of the preamble.The following is the current state of affairs of today’s business environment…and if you’ve been in marketing for any length of time, you’ll completely resonate with what I’m saying here.

Believe me, this is VERY important to your current and future business—otherwise, I wouldn’t be wasting my time writing this letter.

And if you’re relatively new, then I’ve just saved you YEARS of banging your head against the wall in frustration…

The “Old” Paradigm Of Selling…
And Why It Doesn’t Work Today:

You see, back in the day, you could sell a simple $27 dollar ebook. $47 e-course or $97 set of DVDs. And all you had to do is drive a heap load of traffic to a website, or order form and expect to make a killing.

Pay-per-click traffic was cheap. You could literally drive heaps of traffic to your website for 5 cents a click. And all you had to do is score a mere 1% conversion rate to rake in a profit.

Then simply “rinse and repeat” and duplicate this simple model over and over again. Piece of cake, right? Just watch the money flow into your bank account with little or NO effort.

Best part: competitors were scarce, as the Internet was still “new” and very few wanted to mess around with online marketing. Just too complicated—so many people just sat on the sidelines.

In other words, it was a bonanza for many businesses. All they had to do is sell as much product as possible and watch the profits roll in.

Same went for the seminar business. Just pile a bunch of people into a room for a $2000-per-head seminar and have a HUGE 1 day cash-surge. And do it over and over again.

You see, those were the good ol’ days…and there are still some people who are able to do this (perhaps you’re one of them). But as many marketers have witnessed, this has become a THING of the past…

Why Product-Based Selling Is ‘Dead In
The Water’ In Today’s Economy…

Here’s the deal: the cost of doing business is getting waaaay too expensive—pure and simple. Just ask anyone who has paid for Facebook advertising, purchased banners online, or blown money on Google Adwords.

Those 5-cent clicks that existed 5-10 years ago are now worth $2.00 and up. And if you’re a lawyer or other professional looking for high-value leads, prepared to spend up to $100 per click on some keywords.

Further, the lower cost of entry of starting a business thanks to Internet has lead to a slew of “copycat” competitors flooding the marketplace. Now anyone can get in the game with just a $8.95 domain and $2.95/month hosting.

Another thing: the Internet has allowed everyone to have an equal say. Before, if you wanted to have a voice, you would have to submit an editorial to your local newspaper and hope and pray it gets published.

Nowadays it takes you 2 minutes to create a blog or website. The guy living in his parent’s basement can now have the same reach as the New York Times.

The raising costs of advertising and a whole SLEW of new competitors has led to one of my BIGGEST no-no’s–being “cheap” when it comes to attracting leads—in flailing hopes they’ll recreate or generate the SAME profit margin they had 4-5 years ago.

Big mistake! It’s seriously like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic…you’re almost certain to go down!

But that’s not all. This mostly applies to the information marketing industry but can be applicable to ALL businesses:

Most People Are Like Heroin Junkies
When It Comes To Buying Products!

Listen: I’ve been in info-marketing for a very long time. And I’ve personally sold millions of dollars of info-products…and have written copy for info-marketers that have raked in the dough.

And there’s one thing that’s certain.Most people buy info-products because they get a psychological “hit”. That “hit” makes them feel good as they feel they’re taking action to solve their problem.

yet they NEVER implement the information!

These people are like information junkies…they’ll fill their hard drives with $27 ebooks, and bookshelves with $97 audio programs that represent their “hits”…like a heroin junkie who just had a fix.

…but when they “comedown” from a high, they’re looking for the next hit.

Another product.Another “guru”. Another “thing” they can use to whip out their credit card and BUY…so they “feel good” that they’ve done something about their problem.

You see, the self-improvement niche is RIFE with this activity. People who fit this category will buy all of Zig Ziglar’s stuff. Then they’ll move onto Tony Robbins. Then they’ll move on to Brian Tracy.

Sure they may listen to the first CD or read the first chapter. But it’s been proven over and over again that only 10% of people who buy a book or course actually read past the first chapter…or listen to that first CD.

I’ll show you why these people are “low hanging fruit” on your business…and I’ll reveal a system that’ll allows you to sift through these that your competitors will NEVER know about.

Why? Because most of the time they’re not ambitious or motivated to take action!

How My Wayward Relative Represents MOST Of
Your Prospects On Your List Right Now
(This WILL Wake You Up!)

I have a relative that speaks of entrepreneurial ambition all the time. I hear it all the time: “I want to start a business, grow a business…be in a business”. Etc. etc. etc.

However, when you look at his house, you’d be hard-pressed to find at least 4 books that have to do with building a business. No info-products, no courses, and no books at all…

I tell you this is good representative of MOST of your prospects. Most will “talk the talk” but will NEVER take action on what you teach, or do anything to improve their lives.

They’ll just download your free report and leave them sitting on their hard drive, stuff your newsletter in that “pile” while they tell themselves, they’ll “get around to it” someday.

Thus literally wasting space in your auto-responder and your prospect database.

These people have absolutely little or NO value to you. I know it probably breaks your heart if you have a BIG list.

But the truth is, only 1% of those people have any value to you. They just want to be like Ted Danson in Cheers—just stand behind the bar, talk to patrons, hit on the attractive women…

…and NOT do the hard work and marketing it takes to create a sustainable business that’ll provide long-term CONSISTENT income. They just want the BENEFITS of owning a business.

Now this isn’t just for prospects in a business—this is for ANYONE in society. Only 1% of people in society in general are really kicking butt and taking names…and THESE are the people you want deal with in your business…as you’ll discover later on.

Oh, and one more thing:

If You Think You Can Light A Fire
Underneath Their Butt So They Can “Move On Up” To The Top 1%, Then FORGET IT!

You might think that you might be able to “wake up” your sleeping, dormant, non-motivated prospects and get them to “move on up” to the Top 1%

Sorry to tell you but that ain’t gonna happen.

You can give them a bunch of “done for you” stuff. Even double the amount of stuff they’re getting. You can lock them in a seminar for 4 days and present benefit after benefit…reason after reason…for them to get off their rear end and actually DO something.

You can even go to their house and threaten to beat them up. But the truth is, NOBODY is going to move up.

And for you to constantly fight it by offering these prospects “Shock and awe” packages, more “FREE” stuff to win them over, and a offer a host of “done-for-you” services, it’s just going to FRUSTRATE and aggravate you.

That’s not where your focus should be in your business if you value your sanity.

Size Does NOT Always Matter!

You see, the biggest “a-ha” moment you should be getting from this message is that there is only a TINY percentage of prospects that have REAL value to you.

Think of it as a pyramid.The base of the pyramid consists of mostly “low hanging fruit” that have absolutely NO value to you.And the tip of the pyramid…only 1%…actually have the money to spend money with you–without them asking themselves: “Can I Afford It”.

Best part: These Elite 1% are motivated and immediately see the benefits your products can give them.In other words, they “get it”.

They’re ambitious and are willing to invest in themselves to improve their lot in life.They’re not in it for “quick-fix” solution.

As a result:

They’ll BUY from you again and again.Since they used your last product and got results (after all, they DO take action) they’ll gleefully purchase your subsequent products. In other words, your lifetime customer value will skyrocket.

They’ll be better customers who’ll treat you better and are pleasant to hang around. You “get them” and they “get you”…after all, you’re ambitious yourself (otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far). Therefore your business life will have less headaches and stress.

You’ll have LESS customers…making it easier to run your business so you’re not beholden by it. Now I know having less customers sounds like a BAD thing, but it’s better to have 1000 paying customers than 1 million “looky-loos”. That means you can sell less and make MORE…meaning less hassle, less customer support issues…and MORE time off for you!

They’ll recommend you to their family and friends. The best form of advertising is via word of mouth. Since these elite customers are ambitious, they probably have ambitious friends. And they’ll talk about you…brag about you…and you’ll be able to attract even MORE of these ideal customers!

Believe me, this will allow you to achieve more certainty and sustainability in your business.Since these elite customers will keep buying from you…you’ll have consistent, repeatable income…

…not just short, unpredictable “spurts” of income.

As a result, you’ll achieve more POWER in your niche. You’ll be able to outspend, out-maneuver, and outsell ANYBODY in your field.

You see, one of my clients, Dr. Ben Altadonna, is able to run multiple full-page ads in Chiropractic magazines selling his marketing system…while his competitors are running small dinky classified ads. And he’s able to do this month after month.

In other words, you’ll sleep better at night. You’ll NEVER have to stare at your ceiling at 2 in the morning wondering how in the WORLD you’re going to meet payroll at the end of the month.

Most people brag about their “list size”. Well, in this case anyway, bigger is not always better. And you cannot “guesstimate” when it comes to this stuff.

Filtering This Elite 1% Is Like
Finding A Needle In A Haystack…That Is If
You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!

Sure, you can try to filter your top 1% of customers from your prospects. But, to be honest, it’s easy to mess it up.

If you do this “wrong way” you could end up ruining your business forever. Prospects could stop responding to your advertisements, emails, social media posts, and direct mail…leaving you dead in the water.

And you could totally alienate your BUYERS…the most important people on your list. That’s like business suicide!

Seriously, it’s like a master painter needing to draw a sketch before he draws a painting. That sketch serves as the framework by which the painting will be drawn….

…and without it, just one mistake could totally ruin the painting.

Well, I’m about to present to you the EXACT framework you can use to filter out the top 1% of customers…so you can make more money and get more free time and autonomy in your business.

This is the exact blueprint I share with my top-dollar clients…and GKIC implements this strategy all the time.

Your present and FUTURE business life is about to get a LOT easier when you take action right now and start: