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All New For 2015:

” Discover How To Ramp Up Profits FAST Thanks To 12 Cutting Edge Strategies And Templates That Could Double Your Profits Today …”

These Are The Exact “Growth Hacks” Dan Kennedy Employs For Businesses That Pay Him Up To $125,000For A Sales Letter And $28,000Per Year For A Handful Of 20- Minute Phone Consultations.

Dear Renegade Marketer,.

How would you like to double your earnings and double your income RIGHT NOW without a great deal of “effort”?

You see, there are a wide range of techniques you could be executing today that’ll put more cash in your pocket FAST …

But you’re refraining from doing them?

Why is that?

That’s Because You’re Probably Using “Old Ways” To Grow Your Business That Might Have Worked In 1982 … But No Longer Work Today

You see, today’s service environment is lightning quick.The “stable and sluggish wins the race” design of developing a company might not do anything however leave you behind the next 2,5,10+ years if you’re not mindful.

That’s why you require to ARM yourself with bleeding edge techniques, tools and systems that might double or TRIPLE your earnings nearly overnight.

Best part?Many of these techniques do not include attempting to get as lots of consumers, customers or clients as humanly possible. There are lots of systems that utilize what you have todayto enhance earnings.

Here’s an example:.

We wished to “reanimate” cancelled Members a number of months back and get them to rejoin the GKIC neighborhood. These are individuals who were members a number of years ago however chose to cancel their subscription– or their charge card ended and their membership was cancelled immediately.

We executed an easy “earnings hack” that included sending out simply one letter to these lost consumers to get them to come back.

Keep in mind, these are individuals who have actually currently purchased from us— we had their names in our database and all we needed to do was “wake them up” and get them to purchase from us once again.

Well, thanks to this easy technique:.

We Resurrected Over 100 Cancelled Members And They Are Collectively Paying United States THOUSANDS Of Dollars In Recurring Revenue Thanks To This “Growth Hack”

Did we need to go out and “chase after” brand-new consumers to get this newfound income? Did we need to purchase a list, send a 3-step mailing project and get them to purchase?

No method.

We simply utilized a traditional marketing strategy (reactivating lost consumers) most companies aren’t executing to get this abrupt rise of income. And keep in mind, we just needed to send one letterto get this instant earnings rise utilizing names we currently had in our database.

This is simply among 12 Growth Hacks I have in my toolbox… thanks to 43+ years in advertising and marketing– little “earnings hacks” I execute into the 137 markets I’ve dealt with in the past.

And, for the a lot of part, I keep these little techniques up my sleeve and ONLY expose these easy systems to individuals who pony up to $2,497to go to the GKIC’s SuperConferenceSMor Info-SUMMIT, $4K to attend my yearly “Dan Only” GKIC Events in Cleveland every Summer, and my $33,000- per-year Platinum Mastermind members.

I chose to get involved in a 4-Hour LiveCast where I share my preferred 12Growth Hacksyou need to be putting into your service:.


The 12 Strategies For Doubling Your Profits Right Now!

Dan Kennedy - Growth Hacks

Growth Hacksis going to reveal you how to put the pedal to the metal and produce MASSIVE profits at breakneck speed.

You see, the heart of “Growth Hacking” is a ruthless, laser beam concentrate on Accelerating Business Growth.

Nope, it’s not about “Likes”, “Shares” and “Re-tweets” or other slow-as-molasses marketing strategies where you’re fortunate you’ll get an ROI within a year.

We’re not speaking about a wimpy 1% -2% increase in profits that may pay your automobile payment or possibly pay your overhead for a month.

We’re speaking about getting an INSTANT 20%-50% increase in your service in a matter of weeks– even DOUBLING your earnings most of the times that you’re most likely ignoring in your service today.

This is what I experience with customers who pay me upwards of $125,000per sales letter, $28,000per year for simply a handful of 20- minute phone assessments over 10-12months, and upwards from $2,500/ hour for speaking with …

… not a meager 1Weak -2% boost in increase, revenues quantumHowever life changing leaps … where the business is company the never ever againVery same

You’ll get this whole LIVE discussion provided to you on 4 audio CDs and 4 DVDS you can either listen or see to over and over once again on your wealth structure journey. As records of the whole discussion for you to follow along, check out and take notes over and over once again.

You’ll likewise get a comprehensive Toolkit with copyright-free design templates projects, lists, solutions, and action coordinators you can execute into my service right now.

Simply put …

We Don’t Just Teach You How To Fish … We’ll Just Give You The Fish On A Silver Platter Where 80% Of The Work Is Done For You

That indicates you can fire off these ” Growth Hacks”in your service at will with really little effort … when you desire an unexpected rise of money into your savings account.

And do not utilize the reason that “This Won’t Work In My Business” or “My Business Is Different when it concerns whether these earnings tweaks will work for your service.

I have actually operated in 137 various markets over 43+ years in the biz. And I can inform you that if you carry out a service in exchange for cash (which, last I examined, includes ALL companies) then these will work for you!

What that indicates to you is this: even if you’re a butcher, baker, candlestick maker, plumbing professional, site designer …even grow crab yard …

… YOU can execute these Growth Hacksinto your service.

Why?Because the majority of the “effort” is currently provided for you, thanks to the design templates, systems, lists and plans I wish to hand you on a silver plate for the very first time EVER.

Here Are The 12 Growth Hacks You’ll Discover Along With Copyright Free Templates, Checklists, And Blueprints That’ll Allow You To Fire Off These Profit Tweaks At Will:

Growth Hack # 1: A Lost Customer Reactivation Campaignyou can utilize instantly to reanimate “dead” consumers and get them to begin investing more cash with you. This design template originates from among GKIC’s hit projects that restored over a hundred members to Planet Dan and GKIC.

Growth Hack # 2: “Upsell Magic” Templates and scriptsyou can actually simply “plug and play” to supersize your typical life time client worth. No requirement for overthinking things either, you simply fill-in-the blanks and utilize these power files right now for direct-mail advertising or online.

Growth Hack # 3: A Premium Offer Action Checklist— an advancement IDEA GENERATOR that makes developing a premium or luxurious variation of any services or product a breeze. This is YOUR ticket to increasing deal size and bring in greater quality consumers, customers or clients that’ll pay you greater costs without resistance.

Growth Hacks # 4: List Segmentation Hacksthat are ideal for sharpening down your “message to market” match and drawing out more make money from ANY list. Even if you simply have a “purchaser” list or a “possibility” list, you REALLY require this.

Growth Hack # 5: Cash Flow Surge Campaignsyou can utilize to summon a rise of cash into your savings account at will. These brief 3-4 day projects have actually been the support of GKIC and you’ll get to execute this technique for your own service.

Growth Hack # 6: A Slack Adjustor Brainstorming Action Planneryou can utilize to brainstorm services and products that you can quickly include on to your existing toolbox.

Growth Hack # 7: F3 Response Multiplieryou can utilize to possibly TRIPLE your action vs. carrying out a “one-and-done” promo. You’ll get Dan Kennedy’s e-mail series he utilizes to catapult action for Infusionsoft.

Growth Hack # 8: Marketing To The Affluent… where you’ll get 12 back problems of Dan Kennedy’s respected newsletter that’ll teach you how to target consumers, clients and customers who make purchasing choices on elements aside from cost.

Growth Hack # 9: Premium Offer Checklistwhere you’ll have the ability to conceptualize premium deals for your products/services that’ll enhance your earnings and draw in “big wheel” consumers, clients and customers.

Growth Hack #10: Drop Down Offer Formulasyou can utilize to include more cash in your pocket nearly quickly … no “work” is required, simply let the formula do all the work.

Growth Hack #11: “Stay In Touch” Profit Hacksyou can utilize to continuously remain in front of your target consumers, clients and customers. This will permit you to grow your “herd” that’ll offer you cash over and over once again.

Growth Hack #12: Continuity Brainstorming Action Plannerthat’ll permit you to create methods to get more repeating earnings for your service– rather of counting on a lot of “one-off” sales.

So, How Much Is It Going To COST Your Business To ” Miss Out” On These 12 Simple Growth Hacks?

Sure, you might get a meager 1% -2% income development every year utilizing the other day’s marketing techniques and simply count on “getting more consumers, clients and customers” into your service as your ONLY profit-generating technique.

This might relegate you to simply “getting by” in your service– like 98% of companies that rely on “old school” development techniques that might have worked 10 years back, however are out-of-date and outmoded.

Listen, when you think about the chance COST of simply among these ” Growth Hacks”what it can do for your Business …

… The worth of these techniques, plans and ” Growth Hacking”techniques deserves a minimum of $1,997, because simply among them might cause an earnings windfall that might permit you to get 10 X-100X your financial investment rapidly.

We’re offering you an overall of 12of these ” Growth Hacks”you can execute in your service that might double your profits and earnings nearly overnight.

You will not have to invest $1,997

And even $997

The financial investment in Growth Hacks is ONLY $597

Heck, you can take the Lost Customer Reactivation Blueprint design template, fill in a couple of blanks, send it out to your list, and get your cash back as quickly as tomorrow by reactivating a handful of lost consumers.

Simply put, Growth Hacksdoes not in fact “expense” anything. It’s an INVESTMENT in the future development and success of your service.

Since, possibilities are, you’ll get your financial investment back and MORE rapidly when you execute these Growth Hacksand put more cash in your pocket with warp speed.

It gets even much better due to the fact that …

And, as always, constantly satisfaction is complete satisfaction thanks ensured:.

GKIC’s ZERO-RISK Unconditional Guarantee So There’s No Way You Can Make A Mistake

To eliminate ALL danger to you, if at any time throughout the very first 30 Days after getting your copy of the “GROWTH HACKS” you truthfully think you’ve made an error or are dissatisfied, you will get a 100% refund of any costs paid.

… we will still reimburse every cent for the cost you spent for this System. So there’s no chance you can slip up here

So If Your Business Has Stagnated Or Shrunk, Or You’re Kicking Butt, You NEED Growth Hacks To Stay Relevant In Your Niche Or Industry

Listen …

You might do what “everybody else” performs in your market and usage the other day’s marketing techniques to attempt to get more clients, consumers or customers.

Sorry to state, however these outmoded and out-of-date techniques might have worked 10-20years back, however in today’s hectic service environment, you require bleeding-edge techniques that can increase earnings FAST.

And keep in mind, we’re not just offering you the techniques, we’re likewise offering you lists, systems, design templates and plans you can quickly move into your service …

… so the majority of the work is currently provided for you.

If you’re already strugglingCurrently having a hard time you just going simply keep doing the same thing very same’ve been doing the past couple previous?

They state that the meaning of madness is doing the very same thing over and over once again and anticipating a various outcome.

You’re much better than that.

Here’s your possibility to turn things around by utilizing the simple/quick/fast tools, design templates, and techniques that’ll siphon more cash into your savings account.

Invest in Growth Hackstoday. Since you’re covered by GKIC’s assurance,There is definitely No Risk. You essentially have 30 days to obtain to utilize these Strategies yourself and if you do not get the outcomes you desire, simply let us understand.

Simply put,.

You Get To Try Growth Hacks For Free!

So do something about it today and buy Growth HacksAnd prepare to experience explosive development in your service thanks to these unknown earnings tweaks.

Yes Dan! Send Me These 12 Untold ” Growth Hacks” That Could Double My Profits Almost Overnight!
Including Done-For-You Copyright-Free, Fill-In-The Blank Marketing Documents You Can Effortlessly “Deploy and swipe” For Your Business– Therefore Shortcutting YEARS Of Trial, Error And Testing• I understand that these are the precise “earnings tweaks” you use for companies that pay you as much as $125,000for a sales letter, $28,000each year for simply a handful of 20- minute phone assessments over 10-12months, and upwards from $2,500/ hour for consulting. Plus 85% of your customers have actually utilized you consistently for the previous 3,5,7,10+ years! • I understand that it would take me YEARS of “figuring it out” myself to uncover these earnings hacks, however you’re providing to me on a silver plate so I can just copy and paste them into my service. Heck, simply executing 2% of this course might permit me to get my financial investment back in this program … and more! • And I understand if I’m not the least bit pleased, I can ask for a FULL refund within 365 days of purchase for any factor. There’s no method I can make an error, due to the fact that I can essentially attempt out “Profit Tweaks” for totally free. • So with that in mind, please rush me ” Growth Hacks”so I can execute these income-boosting tricks into my service.Dan Kennedy’s.
The 12 Strategies For Doubling Your Profits Right Now!
ONLY $597

Devoted To Multiplying Your Income,.

Dan Kennedy, GKIC.

P.S.What will you finish with the additional $1,000, $10,000, even $100,000monthly that you’ll have the ability to make thanks to Growth Hacks? When the majority of your service concerns vanish and you’re no longer beholden to “traditional” marketing techniques that are relegating your service development to a sloth-like rate?

Simply ask a few of GKIC’s renowned members who make 6-7 figures each year and use these ” Growth Hacks”daily– they’re not pleased with a snails-paced 1% -2% yearly development. They’re interested in DOUBLING their earnings nearly overnight– breaking the guidelines of the reputable standard of “how things are done around here” when it concerns growing a company.

Now’s your time to be a rule-breaker like the customers I’ve dealt with in 43+ years in marketing and 137 various markets and occupations. Purchase Growth Hackstoday.