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Retargeting Crash Course – Tanner Larsson
I Am Going To Walk You Through Our Exact Blueprint For Creating Highly Effective Retargeting Campaigns That Consistently Generate A Return On Investment Of 1000% Or More!
(This Retargeting Blueprint Works In
ANY Niche Market, No Matter How Obscure)
Let me as you a question that may sound silly, but in fact is quite serious…Do you like throwing money away?I’ll bet you answered no, but in all honesty that is EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING if you are not leveraging “retargetting” on all your websites and pages.In fact, when you look deeper its much worse than that.By not effectively using retargeting you are…

  • Spending more than necessary on your traffic.
  • Damaging your offers conversion rate.
  • Losing a substantial amount of new customers.
  • Making it impossible to re-market to traffic you already paid for.
  • Stunting the growth of your business.

Despite all that…90% of business owners are NOT using retargeting in their business.The really sad part is, that by and large the same business owners who are not using it are aware of retargeting AND KNOW THEY SHOULD BE USING IT!The problem has been that implementing this this low cost & super targeted traffic source into a business was a confusing, technical and difficult to setup process for most people.

It was also difficult to measure return on investment, so many people who did get retargting set up would still give up on it because they couldn’t figure out if this was working.

This is where myself and the Build Grow Scale team come to the rescue.

We have been using retargeting since the early days and have mastered a step-by-step process for creating and implementing highly profitable retargeting campaigns into all of our various businesses.

At this point it’s pretty much plug and play.

I Want To Share It With You!
To my way of thinking, when you have something awesome, the worst thing you can do is keep it to yourself.Beyond that, “retargeting” is not something that has any possible chance of becoming saturated or over used.  It has worked from day 1 and will still be working right on up until the internet dies…and we all know how likely that is.Plus, I know for a fact, without a shadow of doubt, that no matter what business or niche you are in that Retargeting WILL help you achieve more success with your business.
Retargeting Crash Course – Tanner Larsson2