Facebook Advertisement IQ Academy


Inside The Academy

Building Your Foundation
  • The Facebook Pixel
  • Advanced Custom Audiences
  • Competition Spying
  • Closer Look At Behavioral And Demographic Targeting Options
  • Setting Up Automation Rules
  • Creative and Copy Inspiration and Testing
Advertisement Type Breakdown
  • Creating Canvas Ads
  • Creating Collection Ads
  • Creating Offer Ads
  • Creating Sponsored Message Ads
  • Intro To Dynamic Product Ads
  • Product Catalog & & DPA Feed Creation
  • Creating Dynamic Product Ads
Data Is King
  • Knowing Your Numbers With Reports
  • Deep Dive Into Reporting
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Using UTMs For Better Tracking
My Funnels & & Advanced Strategies
  • Selling With Facebook Live
  • The Free + Shipping Funnel Part 1
  • The Free + Shipping Funnel Part 2
  • Smart From Scratch Course Launch Strategy Part 1
  • Smart From Scratch Course Launch Strategy Part 2
  • Smart From Scratch Course Launch Strategy Part 3
  • The Foundation Of All My Facebook Campaigns
  • Video Advertisement Funnel
  • The Thank You Advertisement
  • Turning Photos Into Videos
  • The Post Purchase Retargeting Funnel
  • Overwhelming Value Lead Gen Campaign
  • Kevin Harrington Lead Generation Campaign
The Future Is Messenger
  • Getting Started With Messenger
  • Messenger Automation
  • Growing Your Messenger Audience
Profitably Scaling
  • Intro To Manual Bidding
  • Manual Bidding Part 2
  • The 20% Scaling Rule
Power Tools
  • ConnectRetarget
  • Sniply
  • CartHook
  • Zipify Pages
  • 6 Facebook Ads You Need To Run
  • My Presentation For Ezra Firestone’s Ecom Allstars Event
Funnel Blueprints
  • The Gold Standard
  • Cold Traffic
  • Manual Bidding
  • Free + Shipping
  • Pat Flynn
Facebook Lives
  • LIVE: How To Media Spend Wisely
  • LIVE: Scaling Ads
  • LIVE: Preferred Type Of FB ADs/ Advertisement Methods/ Manual Bidding
  • Created New Campaign For Pat Flynn’s Podcasting Course That Produced Over $160,000In Sales On Less Than $10,000In Spend
  • LIVE: Leveraging 3rd Party Content For Your Ads And Post Purchase Retargeting
  • LIVE: Creating Advertisement Sets
  • Analyzing Our Killer Free + Shipping Funnel
  • Testing Out Facebook’s New Live Audio Feature
  • Facebook’s Brand New Advertisement Account Overviews
  • How To Link Your Page To Your Group
  • Best Way To Generate High-Quality Applications Through Facebook Ads
  • How To Have Great Brand Identity
  • Canvas Advertisement, Shopify Checkout, CartHook Upsell Sequence
  • Facebook’s New Analytics Platform Makes Identifying Winning Audiences So Much Easier
  • Q+A: How To Report/Segment Purchases For A Specific Product Within FB Reporting
  • Q+A: How Target Audience About Woman Fitness Apparel
  • Q+A: Structuring A Campaign With $100-200Budget Structure
  • Q+A: “So, I’ve Put Up The Advertisement, Targeted The Interests And All The Details, Set It To $5/Day Budget And Then … What Do We Do?”
Weekly Office Hours
  • LIVE: Weekly Office Hours (Session # 1)
  • LIVE: Weekly Office Hours (Session # 2)
  • LIVE: Weekly Office Hours (Session # 3)
  • LIVE: Weekly Office Hours (Session # 4)
  • LIVE: Weekly Office Hours (Session # 5)
  • LIVE: Weekly Office Hours (Session # 6)
60Second Advertisement Hacks
  • 60Second Advertisement Hacks– Episode # 1: Testing numerous project goals.
  • 60Second Advertisement Hacks– Episode # 2: Maximize social evidence with existing posts rather of brand-new advertisements with each audience.
  • 60Second Advertisement Hacks– Episode # 3: Create time on website customized audiences for your site traffic page view occasions.
  • 60Second Advertisement Hacks– Episode # 4: Turn images into videos with slideshow advertisements so you can develop video view customized audiences.
  • 60Second Advertisement Hacks– Episode # 5: Create an effective video review grid page post that you can utilize for your retargeting.
  • 60Second Advertisement Hacks– Episode # 6: Focus on upseting the issue your item fixes prior to pitching your real item.
  • 60Second Advertisement Hacks– Episode # 7: Don’t simply begin running traffic if you do not understand your bottom of the funnel metrics. Work backwards from CLTV to your very first advertisement.
  • 60Second Advertisement Hacks– Episode # 8: Use automation guidelines to effectively scale winning advertisement sets.
  • 60Second Advertisement Hacks– Episode # 9: Use the 28 day view attribution window to get the complete image of how efficient your advertisements are.

Increase Your Advertisement IQ And …

  • Master the Pixel and customized audiences
  • Find the most rewarding & & scalable audiences
  • Launch cutting– edge retargeting projects
  • Become an A/B screening wizard
  • Build the ideal project architecture
  • Leverage handbook bidding & & win auctions

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