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How To Build A Large Audience And Email List…”

Are you ready to build an amazing business that can help you build a huge email list, and monthly recurring revenue?

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First and foremost, you’re covered by our 30-Day money back guarantee. Simply watch the videos in Module 1 and send in your 11 question business plan to show us that you actually dove into the course. If it’s still not a good fit for you, we’ll issue a prompt 100% refund.

But the most exciting addition to List-Grow, is our Completion Challenge…

Simply follow along and build your business just like I’m going to show you how to do. Once you finished, send me a link to your complete, and working funnel at anytime within the next 12 months, and we’ll send you 100% of your money back via check or PayPal as your reward!


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Here’s what current students have to say…

“Mike Dillard has given his absolute best in this course. I could never imagine that someone at his level of professional achievement would sit down and actually accompany you every freaking step of the way!

Seriously, when he said click-by-click, he meant it…”

– Francisco Carreno-Galvez

“Mike makes the videos so simple and straight forward that I can’t believe it is so easy. One of the best investments of my life!”

– Stevan Davidovich

“Mike – just wanted to say that of all the different programs on the market, I like the “List Grow” approach best. It offers the most detailed step-bystep instructions from beginning to the end.

Finally I am getting all the information I need, not just bits and pieces.”

– Helga Zelinski

“I have loved the List-Grow program! Every step is so clear – it’s like plug and play.

I’ve tried following other programs and they were so complicated and hard to follow let alone apply. It is not the case with this step-by-step course. You don’t have to be a techie to get how to do this system!”

– Rebecca Anscomb

“I’ve been a subscriber of Mike’s for a number of years now and always wondered about the inner workings of his operation. List-Grow has given me greater confidence in growing my business and list than ever before.”

– Randy Parson

“Mike, you are a genius. I started implementing the List-Grow business principles, and empowered 45 financial advisors in my business. I wrote a book titled The Ordinary Millionaire, which hit #1 Amazon bestsellers list, and I’m busy launching the book to our community! All because of you. No doubt this will have the biggest influence in my business over the next 12 months.”

– Wouter Snyman

“I have been following Mike for several years. His content is always valuable and he consistently over delivers…List-Grow is no exception! He has overdelivered on the promise to show and demonstrate the step-by-step process to develop and grow a business online.”

– Michael Connell

“I used to follow all of the so-called “gurus” and was on their email lists. It was overwhelming. I decided to pick the top 1 or 2 that I TRUSTED. I’m now a 6 figure earner, working on getting to 7 figures. I consider myself fortunate to have chosen Mike as one of the “gurus” that I follow. He is the REAL DEAL. He cares! And he’s clearly had the success in business that we’d all like to emulate. DO what Mike says, and you will achieve great success in life!”

– Alex Mitchell

“If you want the keys to the Internet Kingdom you’ll find them right here. A clear concise map on how to DO IT! The value of this information cannot be over stated. You get years of hands on experience and knowledge on this subject and the tools to use in a matter of a few hours. Thank you Mike for including me in your program and helping me and my marketing team.”

– John Webber

“The #1 quickest way to get customers? Mike Dillard’s List-Grow program. Mike’s style is straight forward, practical, no hype, and perfect for those that want results in both a short, yet sustainable way. The swipe files and content alone are worth the program cost, but Mike’s insights and strategy is what makes the program priceless. Get in the program and learn from a legend how to grow a list! I did!”

– Shannan Collins

“This course is so easy to fit into a busy schedule! The videos are short and concise, so I can squeeze this program in while my wife and I work full-time, plus raise 3 kids, plus work on our side business. Thank you for this amazing program!”

– Tim Tuinstra

“Mike, your step-by-step instructions, click here and there videos, and the resources so far are invaluable. I wish you had come out with something like this even sooner! This is just the kind of course I’ve been looking for.

I would highly recommend this to anyone starting out, or even has a business or a presence online as Mike delivers much more as he goes along.”

– Bradley Jones

“Mike’s brilliant ideas and presentations are always clear and concise and delivered in a way that makes them easy to listen to and evaluate. His level of professionalism and preparedness is second to none. I absolutely love List-Grow…”

– Ben Taylor

“The List-Grow training course is exactly what I have been searching for. It’s clear, concise and is taking me from A-to-Z in my efforts to build a list and online community.

I knew bits and pieces of this information, but nowhere did I find all the information so completely well-packaged until I got involved in List-Grow…”

– Dennis Jans

“I jumped at the opportunity to learn from the best on how to grow my list. Every module has been simple and with clear definite instructions. I’m so grateful Mike was willing to share and train it…”

– Maryellen Duschesne

“The most valuable so far has been the copywriting, sales letter training, and the sales video creation information. Due to your instruction and examples, I have written a sales video script, I’ll have finished all the slides by this weekend, and will be recording next week. I would highly recommend this course due to its numerous examples and step-by-step instructions for entrepreneurs at every level…”

– Jennifer Dietrich

“I’ve been going to seminars and buying all the “make money online” products for the past 4 years. Most of it has been theory, but Mike Dillard’s List- Grow program is the best I’ve seen because it is “hands-on” and gets to the core of what’s important.

List-Grow has become the final key I have been looking for.”

– A. Bell

“I love going through the Modules in List-Grow. The course is very detailed and Mike does a great job presenting every detail, from choosing a niche to setting up accounts with various online services. What I find most valuable in this course is the depth involved and the science in making pages and attracting clients. List-Grow gets the highest recommendation I can offer for any entrepreneur…”

– Markose Chenthitta

“I LOVE list grow so far. It’s worth 10x what I paid for it. I’ve been trying to put the pieces of marketing online for a few years now and could never really get a complete picture of how to do it, as there is a lot of noise out there. List-Grow was the step-bystep process I needed to launch my idea and I know it is teaching me skills I can use for the rest of my life. Thanks Mike!”

– Karl Larsen

“I love how List-Grow has a clean, organized format. It’s like peering over Mike’s should while he’s on his computer, and that I can view or review the videos at my leisure…”

– Peter T.

“As usual, Mike under promises and over delivers. His step-by-step visual approach makes it ridiculously easy to replicate. You just copy what Mike does. He even creates a fill-in the blank sales letter template so you can just plug-in your specific business and offer. If you are serious about growing your list, there is really no reason to waste your money and more importantly, your time, with any other approach. Just copy Mike, one of the most successful internet marketer and list growers around…”

– Mauricio Rauld

“What I also consider the most valuable part of the List-Grow training is that Mike actually gives you all his copy, sales letters, video scripts and screen shots from inside of his actual business. With that information I was able to have a better understanding of how everything really works and used his materials as a template to create and use for my own business. This saved me tremendous time and frustration that I would not have been able to figure out otherwise.”

– Marcus Holliman

“I am extremely pleased with all the materials and information that Mike Dillard has sent me so far. It is precise, easy to follow and very complete. His directions are very easy to follow and I have nothing but praise for Mike Dillard, as I consider him a very competent, honest, sincere person and businessman. I would recommend him and his work to anyone.

– Patt Condiotti

“List-Grow has been the most effective and easy to implement online course I’ve ever studied. You feel like Mike Dillard is actually in the room helping you click-by-click to implement the strategies that took him from being chump to champ. I’d recommend this course to anyone looking to start an simple, elegant business online… Thanks Mike!”

– James Brinkerhoff