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Hey, Ramit here,.

Thanks for registering to get my word-for-word settlement scripts. I’ve made them truly simple to utilize. You can cut-and-paste them straight into an e-mail or get the phone and simply check out the words straight off this page.

Are you all set to conserve numerous dollars on a monthly basis on your greatest expenditure?

Start with the tested scripts listed below.

Email Script # 1– Are you paying above market rates?

If you’ve done your research study on rental rates in your location– on, Craigslist, or another rental rates website– and it appears like you’re paying more than you should, you can quickly encourage your property manager to lower your lease. And often times, you can do it simply by explaining the information in an e-mail.

The standard structure of your e-mail would follow these 4 actions:.

  • Start off with appreciation for where you live.Say you like residing in your apartment or condo, and you wish to remain there.
  • Remind your property manager of how great of an occupant you’ve been.You’re going to raise the reality that you’ve been a terrific, trusted renter month after month. You pay your lease on time, no upkeep concerns, and so on
  • Bring up your research study.Mention that you’ve been taking a look at comparable apartment or condos in the location. And, while you were looking, you found that you’re paying a greater rate than others in the exact same location.
  • End with a call to action.Finally, you’re going to ask if she’s open to talking about a rate modification.

These 4 actions provide you the standard structure for how an e-mail like this works. I desire to reveal you a real-life example of this 4-step procedure in action.

Here’s a real e-mail among my trainees, Susan, utilized on her property manager, Jim:.

Hi Jim,.

I hope you’re delighting in the start of summertime in the Bay. Considering that our 1 year lease is practically up, I ‘d like to talk about re-signing.

As you understand, I enjoy the apartment or condo. I’ve learnt more about the next-door neighbors and feel genuinely in the house in the area. I hope to be able to remain here for a while.

I’ve been taking a look at rental rates around the location, and want to talk with you about changing the lease to match what I’m seeing around town.

I ‘d likewise be more than delighted to assist around the home– getting the garbage and recycling, cleaning and cleaning up the yard, or any other responsibilities that may require some attention. I enjoy living here and hope that the relationship with you and the home is simply starting.

I can talk on the phone at any time you’re totally free today or this weekend.

Talk with you quickly,.


My analysis: What’s particularly smart about this e-mail is that Susan utilized something that I call The Sandwich Technique.

The Sandwich Technique goes like this: Tell him something great, inform him something bad, inform him something great once again.

The problem is “sandwiched” in between the 2 advantages. Since it makes the bad news a little less abrasive to hear, this works.

Another factor Susan’s e-mail is so efficient is that she does not request the cost she desires immediately. That’s a timeless error made by novice arbitrators.

Think of how you ‘d approach somebody at the bar. Would you immediately inquire to wed you? No, you have to get to understand them. When you’re working out, the exact same thing goes. You never ever lead with the “ask.” You have to be more subtle at.

See that when Susan does ask, she does not do it in a confrontational method. She states she “wants to talk with [Jim] about changing the lease to match what [she’s] seeing around town.”.

With a deal this generous, she provided her property manager, Jim, no factor to argue back.

She tosses in a really smart deal to assist out with tasks and errands. Now, she is prepared to do this, however Susan understands that in the large bulk of cases, proprietors will not take you up on this deal. Rather, this functions as a “buffer” to make the property manager feel great about the concern being asked. Keep in mind, when your lease decreases, that indicates your property manager is earning less loan– so you do not wish to be needlessly aggressive.

Now, let’s take a look at how Jim reacted to Susan’s e-mail.

Jim’s reaction:


I comprehend. I hope we can pertain to some arrangement as I too am really delighted with the relationships that have actually established. I have actually not taken a look at rental rates in the location for a year and I comprehend that they have actually altered. What quantity of modification are you requesting?

I can talk on the phone at any time you’re totally free today or this weekend.



My analysis: Note that he clearly points out “the relationships that they’ve established.” That indicates Susan has actually effectively turned this settlement far from something that’s merely about loan and into a conversation. And a conversation is not fight at all. This is vital.

Jim plainly desires a friendly option here. That indicates greater turnover in his home if Susan leaves. And it’s much more difficult for him to get brand-new renters than it is to merely keep the ones he currently has.

In his e-mail, he confesses he that does not have information on comparables at hand, however it does seem like he’s prepared to a minimum of see if this holds true.

He desires Susan to call a cost. Here’s her reaction.


Hello there Jim,.

Thanks for your reaction, and for putting your energy and attention to this. I’ve conserved some listings for 2 bed rooms varying from $1– to $1– that I’ve discovered in the Castro/Dolores Park location over the previous month. I do not believe they’re presently survive on Craigslist any longer, however I conserved them as PDFs.

I’ve seen 1 bed rooms beginning with $1–, and I would enjoy it if we might satisfy someplace in this variety.

Talk with you quickly!


Key takeaways from Susan’s reaction:

  • She reveals gratitude that Jim is open to more conversation
  • She shows that she’s done her own research study and even has actually the information conserved to backup her claims
  • She addresses his concern by calling a cost variety, without locking herself into a precise figure

Jim’s reaction:


OK. After browsing, I believe that $1,750would be reasonable. Your ideas?


Boom. She got precisely what she desired: a lower lease. Which merely interaction straight equated into an additional $2,400for her over next year.

That’s the power that an easy settlement can have. What if you aren’t paying above market rates? Do you still have space to tear down the cost?

The response: yes. And here’s how …

Email Script # 2– Are you paying at or listed below market rates? You can still conserve hundreds on a monthly basis

You’ll most likely require to use a concession to your property manager if you’re paying at or listed below market cost. Otherwise, what’s going to attract him to lower your lease. Otherwise, you’re not truly offering him any great factor to do so.

Here are a couple of things numerous proprietors will gladly reduce leas for:.

  • Prepay months ahead of time
  • Sign a prolonged lease
  • Offer to extend the termination notification from 30 days to 60 or 90 days
  • If you do not have a vehicle (The property manager might charge another renter for an additional area.),

  • Offer to provide up your parking area
  • When you move out.),

  • Promise not to smoke in the apartment or condo (This will conserve the property manager loan
  • If they’re permitted (Another cleansing expenditure for the property manager.),

  • Promise not to keep felines even
  • If they have low tenancy


  • Make an offer for recommendations.

The e-mail you compose in this situation will be really comparable to the 4 actions I described above. The only distinction can be found in action 3, where you’re going to make a deal.

Here’s a fast peek of the huge parts of your e-mail:.

  1. Start off with appreciation for where you live. State you like residing in your apartment or condo, and you wish to remain there.
  2. Remind your property manager of how great of an occupant you’ve been. You’re going to raise the reality that you’ve been a terrific, trusted renter month after month. You pay your lease on time, no upkeep concerns, and so on
  3. Make a deal. Reference that you truly wish to reduce your lease. And you’re prepared to use them something important in exchange for an offer.
  4. End with a call to action. You’re going to ask if she’s open to talking about a rate modification.

And here’s a sample of a real e-mail you might send out:.


Considering that my lease is practically up, I wish to talk with you for a bit about resigning.

I truly like living here, and I hope I can continue to do so. I believe you’ll concur that I’ve followed paying the lease on time, which I’m an all around great renter. I desired to propose something:.

I ‘d like to use to pay you for (X months) of lease in advance. This will provide you instant capital and the assurance that I’ll be here for a minimum of that long. I understand how crucial those can be to any company owner.

In exchange, would you be comfy speaking about a regular monthly discount rate?



You’ll need to adjust these scripts to your particular circumstance, obviously, however they need to be a great beginning point for you 90% of the time. Keep in mind that by utilizing words like “capital”– which are constantly present in property manager’s mind– you are talking to them on their terms, not just yours.

Now, e-mail can work, however often getting the phone is the very best method to get quick outcomes.

Do not stress, with my scripts, you do not have to stress about any dispute.

The Easy Phone Script To Save Thousands

In some cases you’ll require to have this conversation over the phone or in-person. Perhaps your property manager is old-fashioned or simply chooses having this sort of discussion offline.

Here’s a phone script that will make this non-confrontation and simple:.

YOU: Hi, how are you? It’s Jeff from apartment or condo # 7. I had a couple concerns. Do you have a minute?

LANDLORD: Sure, we can talk.

YOU: First thing, I wished to let you understand that I saw the restroom sink was dripping, however I had the ability to repair it last night. I simply utilized my wrench and it took 5 minutes, so things are terrific now.

LANDLORD: Oh, that’s great to hear. Thanks for letting me understand.

YOU: So I was taking a look at lease rates in the area and I saw they’ve dropped. As you understand, I truly like living here and would enjoy to remain. After seeing lower leas for similar locations, I was questioning if we could talk about changing my lease to match the rates around town?

LANDLORD: Well, I have not seen any significant cost drops, however what do you want?

YOU: Well, I’ve seen [comparable unit] for [lower price], which I believe is sensible. What do you believe would be reasonable?

Analysis: The very first bit about the sink is simply an example, however when you begin work out, you’ll wish to consist of something likewise favorable to get things begun. Do not utilize that example if you didn’t simply repair your sink. Be truthful.

You need to have just recently done something favorable for the home. Perhaps it was raking the leaves, or repairing the damaged pipe, or whatever. This sort of helpfulness goes a long method.

Keep in mind, your property manager is your ally in this. They are not a foe.

Unlike discussions with customer support representatives at your charge card business or bank, your property manager most likely will not be following a basic script, and, in many cases, there’s no set of guidelines governing the allowances they can or can’t provide.

With all this in mind, understand that you CAN lead the settlement employ your favor by keeping in mind 4 essential expressions from the script:.

  1. I truly like living here, and I wish to remain.
  2. I’ve been observing lower leas in the area. X, Y, and Z.
  3. Can WE discuss a possible lease modification?
  4. What do YOU believe that would be reasonable?

How to get ready for your call

Entering into settlement can be difficult. That’s why I motivate to invest a couple of hours practicing these 5 actions prior to you ever get the phone. By front-loading the work, you’ll make sure the discussion goes as efficiently as possible.

  1. Practice speaking your individualized Key Phrases a minimum of 10 times prior to the call. Get somebody to do this with you, or simply talk at the wall or mirror. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. When you initially attempt this, you will likely sound insecure and stilted. That is natural– however you wish to practice initially, rather of seeming like that with your property manager.
  2. The shipment you need to go for need to be friendly and positive, frightened and not anxious.
  3. Observe standard call rules: a peaceful location, no diversions (or speaking to other individuals), a suitable time (organisation hours if yours is an expert home supervisor, nights if yours is a single owner property owner).
  4. If follow-up is required, get an arrangement for a particular day and time now.
  5. Send a follow-up e-mail to verify and consist of any information you’ve gathered.

This will make sure that you not just get the very best rate possible, however it will make things simpler on you due to the fact that you’ll be well-prepared.

I hope you enjoyed this settlement guide.

Please feel totally free to forward this guide to them if you understand somebody who would benefit or delight in from any of these settlement scripts.

If you’re interested in utilizing settlement techniques to make more loan or enhance your profession, you can have a look at this totally free, Ultimate Guide to Negotiating that I developed.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be sending you much more ideas on settlement and living an abundant life quickly.

Stay tuned.

– Ramit.