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TTENTION!If You Have Back Pain That You Haven’t Been Able to Get Rid Of, Then This May Be one of the most Important Letter You Ever Read …

Major Surgery Left Me With A 7-Inch Scar And.
Over 10 Years Of Back Pain Until I.
Found How to BULLETPROOFMy Back …

Since my discovery, I have not had a single, discouraging occurrence of pain in the back for over 4 years (and counting) and now I’m sharing whatever I found out on this page in easy language to assist you eliminate your pain in the back too …

From: Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS

To All Back Pain Sufferers,.

Hey, this is Eric Wong and I’m a strength and conditioning coach who’s been assisting individuals get healthy and professional athletes get in peak shape for the past 10 years.

I wish to begin by stating that whatever you’re going to continue reading this page holds true.

I understand precisely what it’s like to be put out by pain in the back– to need to rest on the sidelines and view life pass you by as you tend to your aching, hurting back.

Since your back is stiff and injures, it’s discouraging missing out on out on the things you enjoy.

You’ve most likely heard a great deal of buzz and outrageous claims about ‘wonder treatments’, so I wish to share the reality with you as I found it simply over 4 years earlier.

Let’s begin from the top– here’s a picture of the scar that’s still remaining from a significant operation I had over 14 years ago:.

I understand, not the most beautiful sight, huh?

The preliminary surgical treatment was SUPPOSED to be a reasonably safe treatment …

But there were problems …

Blood wasn’t draining pipes correctly and was pooling, leading to a hematoma …

In the middle of the night my moms and dads and sis Fran drove me an hour from Hamilton to Toronto Sick Kids health center for an emergency situation treatment.

I keep in mind 3 things from this night:.

  1. The green Nike baseball cap I was using …
  2. Since of the discomfort …


  3. Throwing up while in the waiting space.
    When we were waiting in the health center,

  4. And the concerned appearance on my moms and dad’s and sis’s faces.

When you’ve tossed your back …,Maybe you’ve seen this appearance on faces of your household or pals.

The treatment was a success, and I was dealt with to days of healing (and odd hallucinations while on morphine) in the health center …

Unfortunately, the 2nd surgical treatment was more intrusive than the very first, as the medical professionals needed to cut through fascia and muscle to get to the root of the issue.

Needless to state, I was entrusted a couple of biomechanical issues that made pain in the back a routine incident– in spite of the reality that I returned in terrific shape, exercised routinely and I was doing whatever ‘ideal’ …

Conventional Treatments Never Worked For Me, Either

When I initially began having pain in the back, I visited my physician.

3 minutes later on, I went out with a prescription for pain relievers.

Noise familiar?

Fortunately, even in high school, I comprehended that pain relievers didn’t do anything for the issue, they just dealt with the signs, so I picked to endure the discomfort rather of pop the tablets.

I stayed up to date with sports and began raising weights and my condition enhanced, however I still had discomfort that I felt I should not have and it made me lose out on the important things I ‘d liked the most– sports.

I Was Frustrated, Embarassed and Still in Pain

I kept browsing and chose to check out a chiropractic specialist.

After the very first check out, I left in more discomfort than I shared, so I never ever returned.

Understanding what I understand now, it was a great call.

I’m sure there are lots of great chiros out there, however this man absolutely wasn’t among them.

Ideally your experiences were positve if you’ve attempted chiropractic.

Then, I attempted massage …

Massage felt great, well, in fact, massage hurt like heck …

But I did feel looser later on.

The important things is, I would still return discomfort, so this was still simply a band-aid service, not the treatment that I expected.

Bullet Proof Back System 3-logos

I then ended up high school and registered at the University of Waterloo where, as luck would have it, I studied under the leading low back scientist on the planet, Dr. Stuart McGill.

Often luck simply runs your method and you get presented to the ideal individuals at the correct time …

I got a wealth of understanding that assisted to considerably lower the frequency and period of my pain in the back …

I Was Never Content With Simply Improving My Back Pain

The search continued …

After attaining my Kinesiology degree, I saw this guy named Paul Chek, widely regarded extensively concerned of the top corrective leading restorative workout professionals world, speak at a fitness conference …

His presentation blew me awayDiscussion so much so that over the next 2 years I spent another $10,000+ to learn from him …

Discover *********) One thing I ‘d learned was that investing money in discovered education was never loan bad idea …

I got a lot more useful understanding that lowered the frequency of my discomfort a lot more, however I still needed to handle the disappointment of needing to handle discomfort, tightness and convulsions from time to time.

I was rather pleased with where my back was and it wasn’t till I began training top-level combined martial arts fighters that I came across the last piece of the puzzle that has actually caused the last 4+ years of my life to be 100% pain-free.

After 10s of thousands of dollars, over 10 years of research study,.
training and observation, here’s what I found …

There’s 1 CauseFor Most Cases of Back Pain

Does not of due to the fact that simple action easy bending over flexing tie your connect or play with your kids, and that cause is REPETITIVE STRESS …

Your back doesn’t go.

It’s a build-up of tension from several various causes– an easy thing like flexing over was simply the straw that broke the donkey’s back, so to speak …

The secret is to attend to all of the reasons for tension on your spinal column and in doing so, you’ll lastly be devoid of pain in the back …

Even if your pain in the back began with a significant mishap, fall, or dumb relocation (we’ve all done it eventually), to return to 100%, you require to ensure there’s no extreme tensions going through your spinal column.

With the spinal column– it’s not as easy as carpal tunnel in that you simply take a break from typing because you utilize your back for whatever that you do!

So let’s utilize an automobile example to see the various manner ins which recurring tension triggers pain in the back and what we require to do to attend to these problems to remove our discomfort …

Your spinal column resembles the tires on your cars and truck and how quick they use is straight associated to the quantity of tension executed them …

Let’s state you have a muscular imbalance where one hamstring is tighter than the other …

Bullet Proof Back System imbalance-wheels

If the wheels were lined up, this will trigger your tires to use unevenly and use out faster than.

When you align your body, forces will be equally dispersed through your body so no location wears too soon, so evaluating and resolving your posture and muscular imbalances is essential to releasing yourself from pain in the back.

Next, let’s state that at every stop, you flooring it and screech your tires …

Bullet Proof Back System movement-pattern-squeal

When it pertains to making your tires last, you’re driving WRONG …

Well the motion patterns that lots of people have throughout workout, sport and their lives are WRONG and trigger increased tension on the spinal column leading to early wear too.

Repair these motion patterns and you’ll eliminate a great deal of the tension going through the system.

Now let’s state you completely disregard your cars and truck and keep your tires under or overinflated.

Tires at the incorrect pressure will wear quicker.

This is similar to individuals with pain in the back whose deep stabilizer muscles of the core have actually been turned off and no longer function correctly to support the core, requiring the spinal column to take more tension than it should.

Other muscles then make up for the deep stabilizers that do not work and they include a lot more tension to the spinal column.

Finally, envision that you’re utilizing old tires that have actually dated and inexpensive rubber that does not last …

This is similar to those of you anticipating a steady and strong core however who still do standard workouts while advanced techniques are readily available, such as Multidimensional core stability training, Dynamic core stability training and Challenge core stability training.

To sum up, attend to the following 4 aspects and you’ll lastly complimentary yourself from pain in the back:

  1. Muscular imbalances and postural dysfunction
  2. Movement patterns in workout, sport and life
  3. Proper muscle recruitment and activation patterns
  4. Advanced core stability training techniques

After checking out these principles, you might be believing to yourself, “This all noises so easy, why have not I found out about this prior to?

I understand what precisely how you feel if you are!

The important things is, I never ever discovered any single resource or therapist who put every piece of the puzzle together in a manner that I might follow and comprehend …

Plus, I ‘d never ever planned to put this program together …

But then I published on my training blog site about pain in the back and was overwhelmed with the variety of professional athletes who were healthy and active however still had pain in the back that avoided them from really taking pleasure in the sport they enjoy …

It was then that I understood I needed to put whatever I ‘d found out over 10 years of handling pain in the back and looking for a treatment in to a simple to follow, detailed program that to assist you remove your discomfort for great and prevent all the lost time and errors I made along the method …

Enter the Bulletproof Back System


Bullet Proof Back Systemcover-master-manual

Component # 1: The Master Manual($97worth)

This handbook will cut through all of the misconceptions and mistaken beliefs that have actually been out there for many years about pain in the back and get to the reality about what you require to understand to eliminate pain in the back for great.

You’ll find out essential principles associated with spinal column health, anatomy and function of the spinal column and you’ll find precisely what you’re doing incorrect that you need to stop and what to do to begin the recovery procedure.

Bullet Proof Back System cover-assess-address

Component # 2: Assess & & Address Guide

Here’s where you’ll go through an in-depth survey and battery of tests that will determine your condition and inform you the accurate restorative steps to require to repair issues such as posture, muscular imbalances, versatility, weak point and absence of endurance.

I charge $147for a way of life history and physical evaluation, so this is a genuine $147worth here.

Bullet Proof Back System cover-training-guide

Component # 3: Training Guide($320worth)

The Training Guide is made up of 4 unique training stages that advance on one another so that you continue to establish your core strength and stability.

Each stage consists your Mobility and Developmental workout program, which will teach you to hire hindered muscles, repair muscular imbalances, and boost versatility and movement, and your exercises, which will teach you appropriate motion patterns and bulletproof your back utilizing sophisticated core stability training techniques.

Bullet Proof Back System cover-video-exercise-library

Component # 4: Online Video Exercise Library

Each and every workout, stretch and evaluation was shot in HD and includes important strategy and type information and they’re readily available to you online in high quality to view, follow in addition to and refer back to over and over.

This resembles getting 5 DVDs (1 evaluation and restorative DVD and 4 exercise DVDs)!

Bullet Proof Back System cover-quick-start

Component # 5: Quick Start Guide($29worth)

So you’re all set to start and you desire to have 100% self-confidence that you’re doing whatever.

This guide will assist you do simply that, ensuring that you do not miss out on anything or do anything incorrect and you get outcomes as quick as possible.

NOTE: All parts of the Bulletproof Back system are quickly readily available to you in digital format so you can begin removing your pain in the back immediately. The handbooks remain in PDF format, which can be seen utilizing the complimentary Adobe Reader on PC or Mac and the videos remain in streaming FLV format, which can be seen utilizing the complimentary Adobe Flash Player on PC or Mac.

In addition to dealing with each of 4 points covered above in a simple to follow method, I’ll likewise reveal you:.

  • Why extending the back when it injures is the outright WORST thing you can do and what to do rather to significantly speed up the recovery procedure
  • The source of your pain in the back so that you understand precisely what kinds of motions to do to leave discomfort and what motions MUST STOP doing that are harming your spinal column
  • The TRUE function of the core and how to securely and gradually train it to establish a ‘bulletproof’ back
  • Weird workouts that simulate the baby advancement procedure that will reset your main nerve system and awaken ‘dead’ muscles
  • How whatever you’ve ever discovered ergonomics and appropriate sitting is DEAD WRONG and how to sit if you truly wish to remove your discomfort
  • Acute treatment choices for the list below conditions: sciatica, disc herniation, spondylolisthesis, stenosis (lateral and main), disc degneration and low back muscle sprain/strain
  • 16simple versatility, muscular balance, core function and postural tests that will reveal you EXACTLY what you require to deal with to get your body back in balance
  • 4 progressive Mobility and Developmental regimens that will enhance the method you wake and move up muscles that believed you ignored them
  • A 4-phase, 16- week workout program to BULLETPROOF your back– each stage consists of a Day 1 and Day 2 exercise regimen that needs around 40 minutes, 2-3 days each week. Each exercise is extremely simple to follow– every workout, set, rest and representative duration is detailed so there’s no uncertainty.

And truthfully, we’re simply getting going …

Living pain-free has actually permitted me to experience life without restrictions …

I put this video out there not for marketing or making more cash.

This has to do with your life and what it might be like.

I desire you to experience the exact same flexibility that I presently have and have had for the previous 4 years, which is why I’ve developed this program.

Prior to you invest in the program, address this concern …

What do you want life desire be like once you when your Bulletproof Back?

If you’ve got a response that INSPIRES you, then I’m speaking with you as somebody who was captured in the shackles of pain in the back for 10+ years to act today:

Essentially, with the Bulletproof Back system, I’ll be your teacher and you’re about to enlist in a class where you’ll FINALLY find out precisely what you require to do to repair your pain in the back in an easy, detailed program.

You’ll get all 5 parts of the Bulletproof Back System where you’ll find out all of this and more, a $740worth, for just $97

I can’t wait to get this program into your hands, which is why I’m providing it at such a greatly reduced rate.

That’s less than the expense of simply 1 training session with me (or your basic health club fitness instructor who got his accreditation in a single weekend).

It’s less than the expense of among the over 2 lots books I studied throughout and after my university profession that form an essential clinical basis for this program.

Or, if you choose to deal with a chiro, physio, massage therapist, you’ve got at least 16 sessions ahead of you, which will be far more than what I’m requesting for this total program.

Plus, if you’re like me, you may not have the very best luck in discovering the ideal therapist and you’ll not just be losing cash however likewise your important time …

Time that would be much better invested doing the important things you enjoy to do, however can’t because your back injures.

Stop the discomfort right here, today:

Put simply, you can get your hands on a PROVEN system that will remove your pain in the back created by not just a professional in the field however likewise somebody who endured over 10 years of pain in the back prior to lastly removing it for great.

I wish to assist you take control

When it’s going to go or what’s going to set it off,The worst thing about back discomfort is never ever understanding.

If you wish to comprehend not just why your back injures, however likewise precisely what to do to leave discomfort, the Bulletproof Back system is your response to lastly taking control of your pain in the back and your life.

On this page I’ve laid the procedure out for you in easy language that you can comprehend.

Do you wish to continue hopping from therapist to therapist, or even worse yet, choose surgical treatment, or do you desire a system that’s shown to work?

Youssef Went From Being Unable to Bend.
To Being Able to Pick Up His Bride On.
His Wedding Day And Get His Blue Belt In BJJ!


My name is Youssef Dimassi and I am a 25 years of age presently operating in Toronto as an IT expert. I reside in Hamilton and commute daily utilizing GO-Transit trains.

The 50 minutes flight is extremely unpleasant for my height, 6′ 2 ″, which has actually put a great deal of stress on my back throughout the previous 5 years. When I could not flex down to pickup an easy things such as a chair or even a ball, The seriousness of my discomfort struck a climax. It likewise impacted my capability to finish Islamic prayers which need prostration.

I spoke to Eric and he appeared positive and extremely experienced in concerns to solutioning my issue short-term and supplying a long term method to successfully decrease/eliminate the discomfort.

After 2 months of work, I am now able to not just hope, conveniently rest on the train, and set about my daily activities without any discomfort, however likewise have actually been doing weight crouches at the health club and getting terrific sleep.

I truthfully never ever believed my back would be this pain-free and strong once again and I anticipate getting my bride-to-be on my wedding:)

You’re a life saver Eric!


Youssef Dimassi.